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I need to know how to make a vibration activated LED apparatus for a drum. Answered

I am on the drumline, and would like to somehow have lights light up every time i hit the drum. So they can't be redicuously sensitive.

i will probably need step by step directions on how to create it, if someone knows how to.

bonus points to anyone who can think of any other crazy ideas for a drumline to do


Your Question on drum lights answered. I am also a drummer and have been looking for the exact same thing. Go to www.drumnova.com they have exactly what you are looking for

Use a magnet suspended on a stretched rubber band over an inductor. Connect one side of the inductor to ground (circuit ground) and the other to the input of an amplifier circuit. Then the amplifier circuit connects to a schmitt trigger then to the LED drive circuit. If you put a variable resistor between the inductor and the amplifier you can set the sensitivity of the triggering.

I'm not sure of the details, but a piezoelectric element can be used to detect vibrations of this type. This can be used to trigger a 555 to light an LED for a short amount of time, or if the vibrations last long enough, you can probably skip the 555.