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I need to know how to wire a 3 phase motor to put out three phase current by running it off a single phase motor .? Answered

I used to run three phase machines by wiring a separate three phase motor to the machine motor while spinning the motor with a single phase motor I know this sounds strange but when you can't get three phase to your shop need to improvise. This was common in country side barns in my neck of the woods back in the 70's.


If you have a powerful enough single phase motor to power the 3 phase motor (to act as a generator) to run the OTHER 3 phase motor...why not put the single phase motor on the equipment needing the power? Seems more efficient. If the motor isn't powerful enough to direct drive the 'thing'...then it won't be powerful enough to run the 3-phase generator anyway.

because a single phase motor is generally bigger than a three-phase motor, and doesn't like starting on load. A three phase genny system lets you spin the genny up off load, and then start up

Touche' I figured it was a torque/load issue...I never thought about the physical size.

www.lindsaybks.com sells a cheap little pamphlet that shows you all you need to know about utilizing a 3 phase motor . this includes rotary converter and how to make a split phase/capacitor convertor !

.  There's only two basic ways to wire up a 3Ø motor/generator - delta and wye (AKA star). The dataplates on the equipment should show you how to wire them each way.