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I need to make a 7-12 second delay timer, how?!? Answered

For my delay timer, i will need to be able to turn the POWER on/off and activate the timer with a button press. i only dont wanna have to turn the power on/off to reset it. So, i'd have a power switch, and a timer activate/reactivate button. It will activate a reed relay. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Get a pickaxe 08 or pickaxe 08m ic and program it to when it is turned on, there is a delay. Simples....

I think you are saying right. Picaxa virtual programing software can be useful with picaxa microcontrollers. Good.

In addition to Re-designs comment try adding the term "monostable". If I understand you correctly you want to hit a button then 7-12 seconds later you want a relay activated?

Some questions for you to think about:
How long do you want that relay on for?
Have you considered that you might need 2 555 monostables? 1 to create the delay then 1 to hold the relay on for a set period.
What is it that you're struggling with with the circuits that you've found so far?

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WAIT!!!!!!!!! i just got a circuit that works!!!!! the only prob is that i have to turn off the power to reset and then it automatically activates but oh well. now how do i thur a constant high into 1 quick pulse??? anyone who knows, TELL ME!!!!! THANKS!!!

right, i always forget thats there... lol! anyway, you are correct. and i would need the relay activated for like a second. The circuits i've found so far, well ya see my computer's messed up... my browser... i cant really find many circuits. but from what i have found... well i did find one that was PERFECT except that the output was high at first. so, i hooked up 2 led so i would be sinking and sourcing to the 555 and only the sourcing one lit. when that went out the other did not light. so that didnt work. I did find a simple one on Instructables but i didnt have the right capacitor and i couldn't find one at Radioshack. So thats all my problems with the circuits i've found. Thanks for the help. i'll have to learn a littlt more and maybe ill figure somthing out. THANKS!


8 years ago

i have been doing that for a LONG time... sadly it dont work. and since youtube wont seem to work on my computer, im screwed. cant somone give me a good, reliable circuit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? THANKS AGAIN

Google "555 timer". You'll find many circuits. Pick one that will work for you.