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I need to make a Bucket Paper Craft! Help please D: Answered

Ok so I need a bucket paper craft. I need it to have a handle. but i want it roundish and not square. Does anybody have ideas? Or even templates :D


Similar to what BlueHazel was saying, you can use anything as a form, although I don't know what would be considered cheating or not.  Anything can become a form with paper mache, you just either need to cover it with vaseline or saran wrap so that the paper mache can be easily removed from the form or mold, so if you see a shape you like, consider using it as your mold.

My thought at the moment is to Paper Mache one.  Use a balloon to achive your round shape and use layers of crepe paper ribbon instead of newsprint..  
Once it's dry pierce it with a pin to pop the balloon & cut  about 1/3 of the way down from the end that was knotted.  Punch coordinating holes in the bottom and top parts.  Weave a long piece of thick ribbon through the left bucket hole and tie a knot on the inside.  Take the ribbon and weave it through the coordinating lid hole, then the opposite lid hole and finally the other bucket hole; knot again.   
The lid can now be slid up and down on the ribbon to open & close  :)

*be sure the holes are just big enough for ribbon to slide through, but not so much that the lid will be too loose.
*Also, you may want to reinforce the areas whare the holes will be going, with  thicker layers or another way I can't think of just now!