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I need to make a carrier/sling to carry my 15 lb. Westie? Answered

I like to hike but my Westie's short legs tire out after a while. It kills my back to just carry her for any length of time. thanks


DON'T MAKE ONE, just go buy it. Not worth having a child fall out and get hurt because of a homemade sling. Even a hundred dollar sling is worthwhile over somebody getting hurt.

I'm surprised a 15 lb infant can even walk. A one - two year old toddler should be at least 25 lbs....

A Westie is a dog, not an infant child! So, no wonder one can walk at 15lbs... :)

If you already have a Camelbak system, you might try to take the bladder out of it and put your Westie in there if it will fit comfortably. When I've hiked in the past, even when my Camelbak is full it doesn't really put a burden on me. There may be something ergonomic about the design. Just a thought. My Camelbak holds about 1 liter, but i don't know how heavy that is.

One liter of water equals about 1 kilogram or just over 2 lbs.

You can also make a normal baby sling. I've seen them sold for $30 or more in pet shops, this one cost me $2.50 for the fabric<br />https://www.instructables.com/id/Look-Mom-No-Hands-A-Simple-Baby-Sling/<br />It's similar to the rebozos mentioned above.

I took a baby backpack and sewed the leg holes closed,It works great for my shih tzu rambo


9 years ago

I bought a baby sling for my cat so I could get some work done on my computer. It's too bulky though so I've been experimenting with rebozos. They're essentially a length of cloth that's knotted and worn over one shoulder. You may have to modify the basic design if your dog wants his feet and head free.