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I need to make a display for my artwork for an upcoming show. Answered

I need to make a display for a 10 X 10 space for an art show the last weekend in June. Have been contemplating buying one but believe it would be cheaper to make. Being an artist I do not have oddles of money. I  want to make something that would hold  artwork on both sides. A friend sugguested I use lattice spread across a wood frame but did not really help me with how it would stand.


If the ceilings are low enough and/or there is some way to connect to the ceiling, you could conceivably suspend your "wall" by hanging it with cable or chain.

Otherwise, I agree entirely with Ork's suggestion of a self-supporting group of panels.

best wishes

Thanks. My boyfriend seems caught up on wanting to hang it from the tent. So maybe I shouldnt keep telling him no. Lol

Have you tried contacting the folks running the show and asking them what they could suggest? If they've been doing this for a while, they've probably seen a number of good designs go by, at various price/robustness tradeoffs.

Something to keep in mind: Depending on the space, you may also want to consider providing some of your own lighting. Again, the folks running the show may have used that space before and be able to advise.

Some useful general tips on managing art display surfaces:


(I was hoping to find construction plans for The Incredible Floating East Coast Art Show Crew's standard display design, but I haven't found it yet. The diagrams on the cited website show roughly how it words -- individual panels link together at their ends to form self-supporting structures. That approach avoids needing enlarged feet, as you would if the individual panels were self-standing on their own, which avoids a tripping hazard. But their design may be overkill unless you're going to be doing a lot of shows; it's optimized for largeish shows, reusability over several shows a year and a goodly number of years, and transportability by truck rather than by car.)