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I need to make a donkey costume to cover a girls wheelchair so it looks like she is Mary riding a donkey for Christmas? Answered

I need to cover a power wheelchair with a costume so it looks like she is Mary riding her donkey to the manager for Christmas.  Please give me some suggestions.

Thank you


Wheelchair riders are ~2' off the ground? donkey riders maybe twice that. You're going to have a hard time making it look right.
I suggest that you don't, but do an artistic representation of a donkey in the electric-wheels.
Symbolism (like gruffalo' suggests) is your best bet.


What about keeping it simple and having a donkey's head on a stick (slightly modified horse) and a blanket and some sacks, probably, on the sides of the wheelchair. Nothing really great, but it is understandable, and a Christmas nativity play isn't supposed to be a great show, is it? Anyway, I've never seen one, so I shouldn't judge.

I tend to agree with Ork*, just because power chairs have awkwardly big bases. Good sport chairs can be trim enough to get away with costumery. Have you asked the young lady in question how she wants to do it? (IL philosophy is one of my soapboxes :-)

Ah Ha ! Now I see. Yes, I understand your perspective on such things. In the UK we have a radio program for disabled rights called "Does he take sugar ?" which pushes "IL" (New Acronym !)


I think you'd have better success dressing the wheelchair as a cart and harnessing a mock donkey in front of it.