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I need to make a irrigation system that lime won't block and will help cut weed growth? Answered

 It can use a timer or electronic value but it must be cheap and run on no more than 12 volt. We live in an area of hard water, I have tried the soaker hoses but they block with lime very very quickly. The water will be from a water butt, so low pressure
I was wondering about drilling 1mm holes in 1/2" pipe and leave it underground like a soaker hose.


If the water in the butt is rainwater there will be no problem with lime.
(If it's just a reservoir you can pull the lime out in the butt)

Solenoid-vale + timer


some times we have to top up the water butt (if it doesn't rain)

Lime wont be a problem then.
12V Solenoid-valves aren't going to be that hard to get hold of.