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I need to make a paracord bracelet with a different color down the middle. Answered

I have looked everywhere to find a "how to" on making a paracord bracelet with a different color running down the middle. Can someone please help. This is a picture of what I'm trying to do. But would be even better if it where more outer color and a bit less on the inside. Thank you.



5 years ago

Try this one:

Something like this perhaps?

paracord 002.jpg

it seems like that one you posted is a double solomon bar based on the thickness of it... meaning the first solomon bar is weaved then with the same cord another solomon bar is weaved/knotted over it, creating a fuller thicker bracelet. now to get the 2 tone effect you looking for, I cut the two colors i want to the proper length and then melt each end. quickly push the two ends together and roll roll with thumb and forefinger ( this may be hot so use your judgement. make sure the outter nylon housing has been fused together, if only the inside strands are attached, the fused cord will snap. (side note I would never use a fused cord for anything that would bare any weight) Proceed to use this cord to weave your knot around the the center main cords of your bracelet.. I look up on the internet and found this guy on youtube.. look up "tiat" it stands for tying it all together.. this guy is sick

and the link lomonie showed was to a double or side to side solomon bar, the person wearing it is wearing inside out. the crosses should be down on his wrist and the other side should be up showing the solomon bars side by side
good luck, hope this helped

I have found some further explanation on this site which I found helpful when making the Paracord Survival Bracelet and also for using Paracord in a Survival Kit They also advise on how to make it in two and three colours.

My wife made mine using 2 different colors of paracord. She took half the length for each color of the total she would have used for a mono color. She then tied off using a half hitch knot onto one end of a buckle (but left about 1" of tails that were covered by the braiding to keep it from coming untied). She then completed the bracelet as normal. For the whatever color you want to be on outside border, she said you must use that color as the beginning knot. I also saw on website suggest removing about 1/2" of the inner core on each end of your colored cords, insert one into the other, apply a bit of heat, and melt them together. I personally like just tying them off on the buckle so you don't have to worry about the possible melted ends giving way or possibly burning them. Hopes that helps.


Use two different colors, one on each side. Center panel width is controlled by how many cords run down the center. The ends might be a bit messy if you don't use two cords down the center. You might be able to do it with two different diameters of cord, and end up with different thicknesses of band on the inside v the outside.

That ones a little to busy. I like this one I have in the picture, maybe I could just add a extra black cord on each side? Hopefully someone will post something a little closer to what I'm looking for. Thank you.

I couldn't find what you were after, but thought to check that wouldn't do. L


9 years ago

I'm not sure how to make it wider on the outside, but just start with two colors of paracord, have one color be the center two strands, and then do the knotting with the other two strands of the opposite color. On one side, it will be one color on the outside and the other on the inside, and the opposite on the other side. I really hope this isn't too confusing. Hope this helps.