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I need to make a powerful electromagnet that I can plug into a normal 120 volt outlet. Any suggestions? Answered

The more powerful the better.  Also, try to make the answers simple and straightforward if you can.  I don't know very much about electromagnets thanks.


First thing, you can't do it with an AC supply.

Why not?  I mean, why not drive alternating current through some wire, and get an alternating magnetic field?  

Dog didn't give us much to go on, except the specification that  this magnet be "powerful".

Here are some suggestions. Use small magnet wire around the gauge of 29 - 36. It depends on what outlet your plugging into. There are 15, 20, and 30 amp outlets. If you’re plugging into a 20 amp circuit I recommend doing what I’m saving up for. Find 36 gauge magnet wire in bulk and 26 gauge magnet wire in bulk. We aren’t talking small 900 foot lengths we are talking at least 12,800 feet in length of magnet wire. Get a three prong outlet plug. It dose t matter if it is connected to an appliance. If there is no use other than to help with your project just cut the wires. For more information on your specific electromagnet please feel free to contact me at my email below.

Email: secretagent2424@gmail.com

Well, the AC power will put a huge damper on your magnets power, the reason being is that as the magnetic field switches, the magnetic domains in whatever your lifting will not be able to keep up (assuming that your core does), making it so whatever your lifting will be repelled for a short time before it sticks. also the magnetic field completely collapses before it switches polarity, making it so its actually pulling in pulses rather than constantly. you would be able to lift more with the same magnet using 30 volts in DC power What I recommend is buying a FULL WAVE BRIDGE RECTIFIER, causing the AC power to switch to DC.

Yes, it can be done, but how does depend upon what you want it for.
Would it stay put in one place, what does it need to hold/magnetise etc?