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I need to make a prop book what are some ideas on how to do so? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

I assume you mean a really big book, say a book of magic spells?

  • Get a thick wad of paper, punched to go in a ring-binder.
  • Tie the wad together wire through the holes.
  • Get two pieces of corrugated card, slightly larger than the paper to make the covers, and a narrower piece to make the spine.
  • Duct-tape the three together, fold with the tape on the inside, then paint the outside to suit your needs (including any titles)
  • Wrap the wad of paper in the cover. You may need to glue the outser sheets of paper to the insides of the covers.

To reduce the weight get some white foam board (foamcore) from the art or craft store and cut it into page-sized sheets and glue them into the front and back of your giant book as filler. Only use real paper sheets somewhere in the middle if you need to have pages to flip through.

You can buy a giant 3-ring binder at your local office supply store for a couple bucks. Re-cover it like Kiteman says.

Or put a new cover over a phone book (or other properly sized book you find at the thrift store or library sale). You can read how to do it here.


5 years ago

n't begin to find, build, create, borrow, buy, or steal. Always have the complete picture in mind. Never ask a props master for "A KNIFE." How many types and sizes of knives and sizes can you think of?

The best prop is the real thing. Why not use a real book?

Okay, you got me. I don't have the slightest idea what a Prop Book is. And googling it did not help. Would someone mind explaining it to me?

A book thats a prop for a movie... :P