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I need to make an air valve, but backwards!?!??! I really need help.? Answered

All air valves I see move into the high pressure resevoir to release the air and then a spring pushes it back shut. Is it possible to have the valve set up opposite of that? In this valve the valve would open away from the high pressure resevoir and the air would escape the same way the valve is going. Traditionally, the valve moves into the high pressure and the air moves out the opposite way. Any information would be excessively helpful and I appreciate it in advance!


That's the way a relief valve works. If it opens when there is pressure, how are you going to keep in the air. I guess what you need is an adjustable relief valve.

I found this:


It is an adjustable relief valve which you mentioned. If you have not noticed I'm not familiar with these types of things. I can't seem to find diagrams, and I don't know how it works by looking at it. I appreciate the start, would you be able to offer me more guidance?

Tell us more about what you want to do and maybe we can point you in the right direction.

Well, I want to make a valve. The center will be a tube with high pressure air going into it. I want to push the back of the tube and open up the front of it to let out the air. In most the valves I see the door goes INTO the high pressure channel where I want it to go away from the high pressure. I'm not really sure how to explain or get specific since I'm a little unknowledgable here.

A valve works both ways. It will hold back the high pressure on either side and when you open it up it will let the high pressure out and into the low pressure.

I am going to try and make a picture of the two differences I am talkign about and outline the current pros and cons of both. Hopefully I'll have that up in the next fews days and you can help me out!