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I need to make an electromagnet that continues to turn on and off (on 20 seconds off 45 seconds) Answered


I am trying to make an electromagnet that turns on and off on an interval. On for 20 seconds off for 45 second. It would continue to turn on and off until the power is turned off. Any and all suggestions as to how to make (or buy) this would be great!

I am making this for an art piece.. I am a glass artist so I am not well versed in any of this electrical engineering





6 months ago

This is a hardy 8 pin IC that can provide the 20/45 seconds times from 5v, 9v, 12v up to 15v and the relay can close contacts on any size electromagnet you care to apply..


Click the pics to see the whole image..

Pic # 2 shows how to attach a relay to the timer output pin 3, the coil only needs to be less then 30 VDC and handily both the IC & coil can run 12 volts.

You could use a zero crossing SSR (solid state relay) in place of arcing electrical contacts that wear out..

Best of Luck..

Electromagnet plus programmable timer, the later goes for as low as 5 bucks on Ebay...

Arduino timer? Can't help you with that I guess...