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I need to power 12V LED strips off of 6AA batteries that produce 9V. How can I get the extra 3V? Answered

I plan on putting LEDs under the keys of both my Yamaha and Casio keyboards, The LEDs must me on strips so they dont interfear with the instruments playability. I have only been able to find LED strips that run on 12V and I dont want to have to add a second power source. How can I either change the resistance values on the LED strips or change the input voltage with out adding a new power supply?


Resistors of LED strips can be replaced if you know how to solder the resistors, usually, the resistors on the 5050 RGB LED strips is 151, if you can buy 240 or bigger ones, replace the 151 ones, then you can light it by using 9V battery, if you can not do this, finding a bigger power supply is the only choice.

Get a 12V supply, it's the best option over different LEDs. Your other options are not good.


Well would need to find a 12V power supply that uses 9V to power. Searching around only lead me to power suplpies that required 84~220VAC to power

Hi, did you find a solution?
I was wondering if it's possible to use a 12volt battery like the one here :

This place states they will work with 9v battery.

But what else are you driving with that 9 volt supply. You say you don't want to add a second power source???\

*We include 1 power connector for every strip which can be used to power them invididually or connect them in a chain as long as you want. The power needs to be 9-12V +/-1V - Yes, they will work with regular 9V batteries.

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The power supplies 9VDC to the instrument and if i put LEDs on it then the power source would power them as well

The 6 AA Batteries are for the instruments?
You will need another power source for the LED's I bet.

thats where the 9.5V AC adapter that came with the instrument comes into play

The site states that the LEDs run on 9V-14V. I couldnt find anything that said they would be as bright running at such a low voltage. If the LEDs arent bright enough then the light wont show through the keys. do you know anything in particular about this product