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I need to pump rainwater up a hill of 200ft long and 200ft high (preferrably using a solar panel) to another tank Answered

This will be used to transfer rainwater from my house to the top of my very hilly garden and then use gravity to drip feed my fruit bushes.


This type of system will do the job. You may need multiple stages due to the head pressures wencountered. The making of the wind pumps is easy. A tower, some pully wheels, the belts, an old motorcycle cylinder as the pump, a one way water valve, and some welding. Hope this helps. Best, Smitty

wind water pump.JPG

You won't be able to have a pump at the top to "suck" the water up. The highest you can suck water is 33 feet. The pump would need to be at the bottom to push it up.

I've pondered the same issue. My hill isn't 200 feet high, which is daunting to me and would clearly seem to require a pump, but I have thought about designing an aqueduct sort of thing to attach to my rain gutters on the roof . In my mind's eye, the aqueduct would be supported high over the garden with a slightly downward slope until it bumps into the hill. I would have a cistern or rain barrels or even a pond at that point on the hill to receive the water, and then irrigate downhill to the garden as suggested. I haven't thought through how to construct the adqueduct or how to attach it to the gutters or how to support it up the hill, but I welcome suggestions!

You would need a solar panel to drive a pump equivalent to the job you need the pump to do. Have you checked into wind turbines? They are commonly used to pump water from underground wells.