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I need to push a button across a room and I need it wireless....I have a 12v wireless remote already. Answered


...Here the story..

I have to weigh and fill 55 gl drums at work.
My employer placed the scale control across the room. ( I filling 190 proof ethyl Alc.)

I need to clear the scale after each drum(which is a push button).-With 4 on a pallet..its not the most efficient system.

My wireless remote seem to react quickly with the on button, not so much with the off.
--I tried an old lock actuator I had and this would push the button with enough force,
but naturally would not return.

Any ideas from the pros?

Thanks- Josh


It is very easy ! What is the output of your wireless remote ? If it is relay then you can make that output a momentary one. That is once you press remote button, the output will be on for a second or so and it will be off after that time. Use this output parallel to your button on the scale.

Thanks Frollard and Iceng for your responses.

You are correct. I am zeroing or "tare" the scale between loads...
Stapler-sounds like an easier solution for me the amateur..

-iceing- With the last setup-the lock actuator. When I pressed on.
It was opening the switch-allowing current to move the actuator and off ideally to stop the current..or close the switch.

-I assume my terms arent correct here...being a tinkerer..i don't read alot of "instruction manuals" lol- I just guess

Thanks so much for your help. this will save me some time for sure.

If I understand correctly you have to zero 'tare' the scale between loads?

If so you have a few options, like you tried already with something that physically pushes the button -- or if you are able, open the control panel up and wire a relay in to short the switch out momentarily to do the zeroing.

A wireless doorbell circuit could be used to make the actuator - some even have relay outputs on the circuit board; others you would have to detect the door sound and use that to actuate the switch.

Otherwise, you need a solenoid or gearmotor to push the button - I have an electric stapler that uses a cam to push the staples through - it uses another cam to disable the motor after a complete revolution, and the external switch causes the motor to start.


6 years ago

What does the off button need to do if the on button clears the scale ?