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I need to re-pack a worn-out muffler for a small engine. Where/what do I buy to do the job.? Answered

The engine is a small Tecumseh 2-stroke - no longer made, one tough little work-horse! I packed the muffler with a copper scouring pad; still too loud and poor back-pressure, which can wreck a 2-stroke, I'm told



What was it packed with?


Have you tried looking for a replacement for the muffler. I've got a 60 year old tractor and can still get almost every part new.

I'd weld a new muffler to the mounting flange of the original. Just cut the old one, and weld away.

Try glass fibre insulation ?

a lot of small engines use similar sized mufflers, can you unscrew that muffler and put a new one on?