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I need to remotely turn on and off 55 tvs in school classrooms. How can I build an IR system for this? Thanks, RM Answered

I want to build a hardwired IR network in the school building to each of the tvs. What all components would be needed and how to assemble these components?


I assume they're in different classrooms? That'll be hard.

You're going to need... 55 devices? One for each room, at the very least. You're also going to either need a way for one person to communicate with these 55 devices, or 55 people to operate them.

TV-B-Gone kits are kind of expensive. You can hack up something with an ATtiny13, IR LED, 2 batteries and a button. Free-form soldering will save you a lot of money on proto board. House it all in a magic marker or something so no one suspects it. You might be able to go as cheap as $5 per device, but that's still almost $300 and a lot of time to assemble them all, not to mention getting 55 people to use them all at once.

There is a product from MAKE called the Tv-B-Gone. It does precisely what you need. Here is the assembles version and here is the unsoldered and more powerful version.