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I need to secure a basement door? Answered



5 years ago

What kind of door is it?
Interior or exterior, solid core, windowed, storm door, etc?
Electronic or mechanical security? (burglar/intruder alarm vs. bolt/bar)
Does the door open into or out of the basement?
Do you want it child proof or burglar proof?
Do you have any carpentry skills or electronic skills and tools?

It opens into the basement, and there is a security door a security door right with bars but someone has torn through a light weight screen and opened the door. I just rented the house havent move in yet Anyway I locked the door yesterday and when I went back today it was opened. I don't want to brick it in but I do want to secure it until I can get a security system or something.

If someone unlocked your door, that either means that they have a key, in which case you should replace your locks, or that they picked your lock (which is surprisingly easy to do, just look up bump picking), in which case you're best off trying to either get a full-blown home security system, or a lock specifically designed to prevent picking (=== expensive)

I would also contact your leaser about this, they may have stopped over, in which case you should give them an earful about leaving it open.

Cheapest solution is to just fill the keyhole in that door with something (e.g. super glue)

You could also check out ZoneMinder (an open-source home surveillance suite) if you wanted a cheap, rudimentary home security system.

It is also quite possible that whoever opened that door did so from the inside (e.g. came in through the front door or an unlocked/open window and just left through the basement).  Just something to keep in mind.

Oh, and wildlife cameras (the type that typically get nailed to trees to take pictures of deer/squirrels) are a cheapish, really simple home security system.

I'm guessing that this basement door isn't your only access door?

If so, the easiest, temporary fix is to purchase 3 T-Bolts with the same diameter as your door hinge pins.

Remove the hinge pins and replace with the T-Bolts. The door will NOT open with these bolts in place of the hinge pins.

Simple, cheap, quick and won't damage the door.


Ok thats what Im talkin bout. that is awesome fix . thanks a bunch <3

These t bolts in place of the hinge pins aren't going to provide much protection from opening. You need something on the latch side to lock it closed. Maybe just a regular lock hasp and lock. Or a dead bolt lock. Or maybe just nail it shut if you really are planning on bricking it up.

I want to be able to still use the door eventually. Those t bolt seem like a good quick temperary fix

You're welcome. Glad to help. :-)

Just keep in mind that any door security is only as strong as its weakest point. The key is getting the longest horizontal part for the "T" as you can (in solid steel) and then to make sure its a snug fit. Done properly it works quite well, and is stronger than screws holding a lock/hasp or nails (and doesn't cause the same damage as screws or nails). Using 3 solid steel T-bolts are also not likely to break by brute force, so then the weakest points are the door itself and the frame. Having done this before, we couldn't even nudge the door open (while it was unlocked).

Let me know how it works out.


5 years ago

You can do the Edgar Allen Poe thing and just brick it up. Just be sure you are on the right side when you put the last bricks in.