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I need to surreptitiously mount a plaque inside of a bathroom stall... Answered

I have a smallish (5 x 8") plaque (brass plate on wood base) that I want to mount to the door of a standard public restroom stall.  

LIMITATIONS:  I can't use screws or glue.  There is a coat-hanger on the inside the door which I was thinking about removing in order to utilize pre-drilled holes, but I can't get the screws loose with a basic philip's head.  I have an impact driver/drill, but I feel like that would draw more attention than I'm comfortable with.  

So I'm left with either a ton of double sided tape that will hopefully be strong enough to resist casual attempts at removal, or a rare earth magnet on one side of the stall and chunk of iron or steel on the other.  Of course, there's an issue of cost when it comes to the magnet as well as a concern regarding the visible piece of metal that I'd use to attract the magnet.


3M VHB acrylic foamed tape is THE best stuff for this. The wood will fail before the glue, if you use an alcohol wipe to clean the surface before you glue it.


Will this eventually be able to be removed? I want to walk the prank/vandalism line carefully.

You can remove the tape, it just takes some goo gone and elbow grease


6 years ago

Use two NIB magnets, Instant ON
Easy off.
You can embed them in the plaque and hang 40 LBs.
The public bathroom stalls in my country are painted iron.



6 years ago

Use two or three good silicone suction cups secured to the back of the plaque to stick to the door.