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I need your help with a computer speaker amp Answered

Hey guys, I need your help with troubleshooting a problem that I have with a pair of amped speakers that I purchased at a yard sale ($1.00!).

They are Koss SX50 computer speakers, and when I turn the switch to turn the amp on; everything goes dead. There are two speakers; each powered by 2 C-Cell batteries. This is how they were powered when they were in their Koss enclosure. I disassembled them to get rid of the ugly case.

Now, this morning instead of using a coin cell, I connected two C-cells to the speakers. This gave a little bit of sound to the left speaker. However, as soon as I hit the amp switch to on - all the sound turned off.

Here is a link to my gallery of photos of the circuit - I do not have in the picture the second speaker with the other 3V source: http://img132.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=img2265c.jpg

In the picture you will see the two-female jacks that connect to the other speaker.

I tested each speaker with the batteries hooked up and I don't get any reading of voltage. This is with the amp turned on and off.

Thanks folks



I got tired of waiting for the images to download - either imageshack sucks or those are massive files?

I don't understand how the sound turns off when you turn the amp on? Does this make a noise when it's switched off?!

"Coin cell" worries me a bit, but are you sure the C-cells are good?


Basically what I am saying is; when I hit the switch for the amp, all the previous music that was playing without the amp shorts out. The C-Cells are brand new as well.

So the audio feed runs the speakers (through amp board) but the amp it's self doesn't work. If the the amp was part of the 1$ yard sale buy - at a guess it's defective / totally dysfunctional? (I waited 2 min for the pic to download this time)


Yup; that is probably what I suspected. I'll probably just try checking for continuity; and where the current from the battery stops.

You could check the cap's - "replace cap's" is a standard piece of advice (whether it's entirely appropriate in all cases or not...) L