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I need your help you guys! Answered

Hey i had a cool idea about a shoe. Ok so here is my problem... i longboard and skateboard alot long distances, and my ankle and foot get tired from constant pushing down on the ground and then back up again. So i came up with a neat idea, what if i made a shoe or boot that i stick on my foot just when i am "pumping" or riding long distances and then it could come off. it would somehow have to have a spring system so that when i push down and then back it would coil up and then when i puched forward it would release hopefully cutting down the load on my ankle by a certain percent. any ideas? i have drawn a rough sketch...


. It may be the repeated shocks of your foot hitting the ground that is causing the problem. Try some cushioned inserts or shoes with "spongy" soles.

Other then a "one time acceleration" situation (not what you are asking for) each compression of the "springs" will need energy to accomplish, and that will be as tiring or more so. The only ways around this that I can see is to either create that energy from another source (a motor that compresses the spring once released, ready for the next impact), OR a mechanism of levers and/or gears that offsets the energy needed to compress the spring (something like this is still "give and take", that is, with a lever, you have "longer distances to move it to lower the amount force input, the same goes for gears).

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