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I no longer have a Favorites Button. Answered

Instructables pages appear to have a new layout (at least the header) and I no longer have a Favorites Button. I use the latest Chrome. Maybe I missed a update or feature change; so, I need to know have to Favorite something.


You have to scroll down a bit, then there should be a popup with a heart sign at the top right.

Thanks for that, I had the same problem!

It's there, but it doesn't work. Great

OOpsie... I was wrong. Got it. Sux though

Yep, very bad design and SEO likely will suffer.


6 months ago

I had to google this page to find the fav button.

Thats a stupid idea. "Scroll down to add to your favourites or collections."
NO site i visit has done this. They should have left it the way it was.
Even the logging in seems to be buggy now as i have to reload the pages severel times just to get the sign in portion to show up.
Return it to the way it was please Instructables, at least it was user friendly!

It is all nicer, better and easier now!
Just spend a few days searching for the stuff you can't find anymore ROFL