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I own a gateway #mfatxstl kth 300 se with windows xp. I was wondering how to reset it to factory settings? Answered

I can not seem to find much about this model can someone please help?



4 years ago

Probably the fastest and easiest way is to just erase the hard drive and do a new install. You need to have a Windows disk and the activation number for it has to be on the computer case. Get the Windows version that matches your key (like pro or home).

The big thing to keep in mind is that all the files on the drive will be erased. So save anything you want to keep.

All you have to do is boot from the Windows disk and tell it to install. When it gives you the choice of where to install to use the existing partition but erase the previous install.

See if there is a restore partition on the HDD. If not contact Gateway and see about getting a restore disk shipped to you.

Why do you want it back to factory settings?