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I picked up a free big screen tv to get a fresnel lens for a solar collector, what can I do with the rest of the tv? Answered




8 years ago

There should be a huge projection lens assembly in it, some (first surface?) flat mirrors and a matte screen. All useful for optics. Perhaps still a working light source, a power supply, and of course the components, which could be de-soldered and re-used. Even the box could find a second use as terrarium or display cabinet.

If there is nothing you can use, (and there usually isn't, unless you have some kind of project) be sure to dispose of it safely, because TVs can contain heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. There are usually places that will collect "e-waste" and dispose of it properly for you.

I guess from the responses that I miss worded my question. What I was trying to find out is are there any other useful parts worth saving from a big screen tv and what kind of projects have others built? I'm a science teacher in a rural county so I frequently have to build demos for my classes.

If the TV has a high voltage power supply, you can use it for a Jacobs ladder or similar device. Other than that I'm not sure what else can be salvaged.

Put it on ebay for spares, Pick up only.