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I plugged my straightner in this morning and there was a spark, pop and the outlets went dead. How can I fix this? Answered


It sounds like you overloaded a circuit and tripped the breaker. Depending on if you are plugged into a regular circuit or a GFIC, do the following:

Regular: Unplug the extra appliances on that circuit and then reset the breaker. In older houses instead of a breaker switch you will find a fuse that has to be replaced.

GFIC: If you plugged the straightner into a GFIC (ground fault interrupter circuit) outlet, you will have to reset that at the outlet instead of at the breaker box. There will be a small button on the front of the outlet marked "reset". Press that and the outlets will work again.

If your straightener has a short in it and and causes the same problem again, stop using it and replace it.

It sounds like the circuit breaker for that outlet tripped when you plugged in the straightener, and there are few possibilities as to why that might have happened.

To turn the outlets back on:  Unplug the straightener.  Then find the breaker that tripped.  Then reset it.

The likely reason why the breaker tripped is because it sensed too much current flowing through it.  Some likely reasons for too much current include:  Too many things drawing power from that circuit; i.e the straightener was just one additional load too many.  Another possibility is that the straightener itself has a short in it, and thus draws too much current for the breaker, all by itself.

If this was an outlet in a bathroom, it might have been a ground-fault breaker.  Often those are located in the outlet itself.  That kind of breaker trips when it senses current flowing through the protective ground wire. E.g. that kind of breaker is intended to trip if the hair dryer gets dropped in the bathtub, and I would not expect just plugging something in to cause a ground fault. Unless that thing had a short to its ground wire inside it already for some reason.