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I poked a hole in my mini fridge freezer and I tried to fix it with superglue, was that a bad idea? Answered

I was trying to pry ice off of the freezer because the ice was stopping the door from closing. I was using a Flathead screwdriver and a hammer. I hit the ice and started hearing a hissing noise, so i got scared and immediately unplugged it. I tried super gluing the hole shut, and i'm wondering if that was a terrible Idea or if that will fix it, and another important question is will the gas that came out poison my food/ drinks. Also I don't know the model but it is from black and Decker.



Yes, the magic smoke in refrigerators is invisible, unlike that of electronics


2 years ago

My old RV fridge leaked its ammonia contents last year.

I taught to find the leak point and fill it with ammonia should be doable for an ible pro.

Alas the repair man explained the gas is not only ammonia but a tricky delicate mix of five gasses and if old age developed a pinhole leak the piping needed replacing still three times cheaper then a new fridge.

Just like Reckless said. Your min is Kaput as the French say....

I think you probably broke your fridge.

The way to tell for sure is if the compartment inside no longer gets cold. That's the way you tell.

As bad ideas go, I would say the idea to plug the hole with superglue is only neutral bad, in that it probably did not fix the problem, but at the same time it likely did not make the problem worse.

A truly bad, bad repair idea, is the kind that makes the problem worse, or even makes whole new problems that you never imagined were possible. For example, introducing cane toads to Australia,


Or trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline, or petrol, on it. That also would be a trulybad idea.

Anyway, the way to fix your fridge, is somewhat complicated. Basically you need to perfectly seal the hole, and fix the refrigerant too. By fixing the refrigerant, I mean vacuuming out any contaminant gasses like air and water vapor. Then refilling that space with just the right amount of refrigerant. Then somehow pluging the port through which you were refilling the refrigerant. I mean the port itself is a kind of hole, a door, a hole that can be opened and closed.

Regarding what leaked out, I am guessing it was 1,1,1,2 tetrafluoroethane,


and it may be mixed with some kind of oil,


for lubricating the compressor.

I think think both of those are pretty harmless. I mean these chemicals won't kill you right away, even if some got on your food.


I think the people who built your fridge were kind of expecting you, or someone, to poke a hole in it, because it has happened before. It's a story as old as refrigeration itself: Some ignorant person poking a hole in the coils while trying to chip the ice off of them.

It may turn out that a brand new fridge is cheaper than the quotes you'll from the professional persons capable of repairing it.

Well it was a terrible idea to use a screwdriver to defrost the freezer in the first place. At my parents appliance store, we loved it when people did that, cash in our pockets.


It is almost impossible to patch the hole, you need a new evaporator and a qualified freon technician with a HVAC/R licence.

In all likely hood it would cost less to buy a good second hand fridge and in some cases less to buy a new one.

If you have released the refrigerant then your done for - New fridge.

Seal the hole with Silicone RTV. Let the RTV cure, And plug it in.

If it doesn't work:

The hissing noise might be a hole in the compressor. Ask a technician (Hopefully it isn't!