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I poked a hole in my minifridge freezer as I tried to chop out the ice. I heard the hissing of gas. What have I done? Answered



i accidentally poked a hole too in our LG refrigerator. i also heard some hissing of gas. what should i do?

I'm having a similar problem.

If I can seal the hole and vacuum out the air and moisture. Couldn't I then just add refrigerant and be good? What am I missing?

i have a problem with my fridge the frezzer compartment just started to hiss and I shut down fridge freezer can I still use fridge for food and drinks or do I need to get new fridgemaster fridge freezer

I just did the exact same thing to mine earlier today. I'm guessing it is game over.

so how can you tell if the freezer might be separate from the fridge because I did the same thing but would just use it as a fridge if they are seperate

As the others say; it's pooched.

Small fridges aren't really designed to be serviced/have their refrigerant replaced.  It is possible, but its more expensive than a new fridge when you consider the repair.

Refrigerators work on a concept of compressing a gas, cooling the compressed gas, then expanding the gas inside the coils in the fridge which cools off the inside of the fridge.  Poke a hole in the system and you have no pressure system, and its game over :(

Can I continue using it just as a fridge, or do I need to shut the whole thing down?
Thanks for your response, by the way.

Without coolant in the system (likely a single system) the motor might have troubles and would overheat - if you plug it in and it doesnt get cool - its done, and pretty much permanently. :(

Some of them have a coil for the freezer and an coil for the ref.  Most of the smaller ones don't.

If yours is still cooling then you have seperate coils and you can probably keep using it as a refer. but the freezer won't work.  Without the freezer comp. frozen your refer. might not be as cold so you need to check it so you don't die from food poisoning.

You can use it as a cooler (insulated box) but the part that makes it cold doesn't work.

its toast buy a new one cause its gonna be cheaper then a tech


8 years ago

You have created a nice and shiny, insulated storage container.


8 years ago

if you can use a gas welding set you can try to repair the leak then test with nitrogen and a bubble solution if no leaks found you need to hook it up to a vaccume pump to remove air and moisture then you need to charge with the specified amount of refrigerant the type should be labled somewhere. but unless you can get the proper equipment it is cheaper to replace.

you let out the freon which is the gas that moves the heat out of the fridge and brings in the cold but it cant be fixed with out a tech which you should buy a new one 

yeah what he said. and basicly there aint much you can do to fix that .. well there is but the cost of fixing it wont make you happy you would be better off getting a new one

Youve wrecked it ! 

As you cut out the ice which should've been steamed out by using a kettle or left to defrost you have pierced the pipe with the refrigerant in Which keeps the fridge/freezer cool .