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I posted a instructable about making paper logs. What keywords should I put? Answered


For a fireplace? Fire, Logs, Fireplace, Recycle, Green, Newspaper, Wood, Firewood, Chimney, Hearth

cool,amazing,zenophanes,paper,pencillog,paper log, just things that will get you more views

paper, logs cool, amazin ect...


9 years ago

In general terms, think of - what your Instructable makes - what you use to make it - what the finished product is for - what special features it has (recycling, pranks, DIY, gift ideas, ...) For yours I would suggest paper, logs, fire, fireplace, heating, recycle, green and so on.

Everything that comes to your mind that is related to your Instructables including the materials, tools and everything else that you used to make a paper log...