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I published a Instructable, but when I search for the key words I can't find it.? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

It takes a few days for instructables to be fully published.

Agreed. And yeah, ti drives me nuts that I can't view my latest pride and joy right away. Be patient! It will show up soon.


9 years ago

I have been waiting for several weeks now.

I usually can't find mine even if I search for the exact title. They only tend to show up in Google searches, unless they're popular. They also take a few days to process.

How long's the problem been? Just wait it out a couple of days; it'll show up eventually.

could be a couple of different things . . .
  • it may not be done processing if you only just posted it
  • It may be caught in the instructables filter
it can take up to a day for it to be processed (and longer on weekends I've noticed if it's filtered and someone has to check it out)