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I really like this girl, but i have a few problems any help? Answered

Ok, so there's this girl in my year and Ive known her since we were in nursery (or preschool i think for you Americans) shes my best friend. And here come the problems: since shes my best friend i dont want to mess up our friendship by asking her out, my friend also likes her!!!!. And my friend and i were both planning to ask her out on our year 7 french trip. Any help? I need it.



Keep that friendship for as long as possible. Let your friend go head and ask her out. As young as you are the relationship won't last very long and you'll get your chance. But let the friendship grow into more over time. Don't push it into a relationship before its ready.

ye but the thing is i have known her since i was like 3 and have loved her for about years now but never had the guts to ask her

Don't push it. If it is going to grow and move further let it do so on it's on time.

Take this advice from one who has been teaching Year 7 for 16 years, and helping fix Year 7 relationships for just as long: Stay friends.

You have a lot of growing up (both physically and emotionally) left to do in your life, and all three of you are only just starting to work out the basics of the subtle, seductive maze that is relationships with the opposite sex.

You'd be a lot better off enjoying the trip and making happy memories that all three of you can share for years to come.

You're 11 or 12, Don't mess up a friendship. Life will get complicated enough for you in another 4 or 5 years.

According to the profile he is 20 - HOWEVER - Judging from the context of the question and it's content I suspect 11/12 is a lot closer.

A6 that age stay friends anything else is far too early and going to end in tears all round. Waiting is!


5 years ago

Go old fashion and ask her dad for permission to date his daughter first. Then he can ask her if she is inclined in that direction.

Yeah, I know you won't but boy would you get points and respect from the parents if you did.