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I really need to make a very complicated electromagnet ... Is anyone smart enough to help me ? Answered

I really need an electromagnet that can/ is :
+ pull a very heavy metal from above ( which means the electromagnet has to be very strong and very concentrated in one direction )
+ a energy-saver or uses little amount of energy

Guys , I need some helpful comments right now . Please help !!!!!


You have conflicting design goals -The stronger the magnet the more power it needs.
To give a sensible answer we need to know what you're trying to pull from how far away and what power source you have available.

He's saying that he agrees with the comments posted by the original respondent. It's a standard method we use around here to nod in agreement with what someone else has said.

Well , I really need to know HOW to increase the power and HOW to concentrate it in one direction ? How do I do that ? Increase the number of coils ? Change the core ? etc ...

Steve showed you the basic principle in his original reply. This is the basis for the kind of magnetic lifters used in junkyards and smelting plants.

The magnetic field associated with a DC operated solenoid is directly proportional to the number of turns and the current. Increase the number of turns and current to produce a larger magnetic field.

Thank you !!!!!!!!! I really need your help
Ok . ok . Let's say I can supply the energy needed . I do want to pull a heavy metal away from , well , my contraption ( suspended by rope but movable) . Power source ? I can supply any kind of battery . I have all the materials.

Thank you very much ! I guess that's all .

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Right, we've got a battery power source available and the contraption is on a rope. So you're trying to pull the metal thing away from the contraption? What sort of metal is it and how heavy, and is it suspended on a rope as well? How far away from the electromagnet?
Any chance of a photo or a diagram, or at least tell us exactly what these things are!!

Seems to me I watched an episode of "How its Made" and they showed how the giant junk yard electro magnets were made. The construction was simple. It was a very long ribbon (not wire) of aluminum with a insulater ribbon in between each turn to keep the turns in the coil from touching. Then they filled it with a coolant and capped it off. You would have to put a substantial current through it to get it to be as strong as a commercial electro magnet, but i believe you could make a smaller verson of this.

The key thing is to have absolutely flat surfaces on the magnet and the load, and to return the flux through the magnet Here's a picture of what I mean. Its a SECTION through the magnet. In reality the black bit would be a round shape, with the magnet wire wound around the centre leg,


I really just need to concentrate huge amounts of energy in one direction ? How do i do that ? Increase the number of coils ? And what is a flux ???

Magnetic flux is what's doing the magnetic attraction for you. You DON'T want lots of energy involved, as that defeats the purpose you said in the original question, of working on batteries. You really, really need to have flat surfaces between the magnet and the load.

Lots of turns is what you need, but not at the expense of needing a lot of power to push current throughh them.


Magnets follow an inverse-square law amongst other things. We'd need to know distances, materials, forces etc.