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I rebuilt a battery and it didn't work. why? Answered

Today i got the 12 batteries required to rebuild the battery in my powerbook 190. i dont know the condidtion of the parts inside the laptop, but it must still be in a somewhat working order because when i hooked it up to an ac adapter (12v, 15a) before, its power light turned on and it made some noises. it didn't fully turn on though, because it needed 24v, not 12.

hoping that rebuilding the battery pack would help, i bought 4 cordless phone batteries, each consisting of 3 smaller batteries and equaling 3.6v. all together that created the 14.4v that is needed to replace the original, acid leaked batteries. i wired them in series to get the 14.4v.

I think that it may have not worked because the original batteries were nimh (nickel metal-hydride), and these new ones were nicd (nickel cadmium).

Upon observing the internals of the laptop earlier, before i bought the batteries, i noticed some peculiar things:
-there were a few spots where some components were added, (eg- resistors, capacitors, jumper wires, all were smt)
-a unbranded piece in the battery power area, labeled on the board as XFER1. it is black and has five connections on each side of the component, which seem  to have copper wires attached to them leading inside the component.
-no marked fuses on the board. the (apple released) manual for disassembling the machine states "you can blow a (soldered) fuse on the board", but there are no spots where a fx (x representing a number, eg: f1) is present, and most of the smt components in the suspected area are not marked and lok much like the same piece.

can anyone help me figure out what may be wrong? the ac adapter port works but the battery doesn't, would uploading pictures help people help me?



Best Answer 8 years ago

You will not get enough current from 4 cordless phone batteries wired in series.
What does the original battery say in A / mA and mAh?



Answer 8 years ago

yea, im not sure why though. the battery cells themselves dont say anything either..


8 years ago

This is probably a smart battery. The circuits are to do with that.

Nicd-Nimh shouldn't make a big difference.


Answer 8 years ago

Sorry i never commented back, but instructables doesn't notify me of comments on my questions.

im not sure about a smart basttery, the circuits would have to be in the laptop itself, because theres nothing but a temperature sensor in the battery itself.