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I recently bought a Zippo and I want to find a forum. Any Suggestions? Answered

I am looking for a friendly community, preferably built on Vbulletin or a similar forum frame. Possibly a forum that discusses repair and tricks, among other topics.


I just started a brand new forum for this purpose. it is built in phpbb:


I hope you'll join us! First 100 people to post an introduction get entered to win a free Zippo "Wind test" lighter!

http://www.id-zippo.com it's a Zippo Club in Indonesia.

the ZEN network is good, if you're looking for a great discount vintage Zippo for under $20, check these guys out, best deal on Zippos around: http://www.zippocloseouts.com/


7 years ago

The only Zippo forum in the USA is ZEN - the Zippo Enthusiast Network.  Over 1000 members and they offer Zippo exclusive club lighters as well as separate page to upload photos.

http://zippoenthusiastnetwork.ning.com this really good zippo forum .But if you want deal zippo light .pls visit our website http://www.missbuyers.com Thank you

I've been looking for a Zippo forum as well. If you want a good deal on a Zippo lighter, closeout or 1/2 off retail (or more), check out: http://www.zippocloseouts.com/

I've been looking as well for Zippo Forums. If you want to get a good deal on a zippo, 1/2 or more off retail, check out: http://www.zippocloseouts.com/

I don't know about a forum but you can find a lot of good zippo info at www.zippolighterworld.com

forum, i dont know, type zippo forum in ya browser and find out tricks, try youtube, there are loads