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I recently bought a sword off a friend, and I want to Steampunk it, any suggestion? Answered

Well I want to make it look steampunky with some common things I can pick up at a yardsale or hardware store



Best Answer 8 years ago

Honestly, I don't see why you would want to change it.  I looks pretty good as is, but if you have to...Find some cogs/gears/other misc. clock parts and solder/glue them in strategic places.  Remember that "steampunk" is about mixing elegance with steam power.  Also, it's about using the steam power (or at least the illusion of steam power) instead of combustion or electricity.   That being said, a sword doesn't use any power other than that input by the user's own muscle, so anything you do to this thing will be purely the asthetic side of steampunk, i.e. a sword wouldn't have a boiler resevoir or a flywheel.  You might check out the Steampunk Workshop (just google it).  He's got some good stuff on electroplating.

Man, I agree with you.  I wouldn't add a thing to the sword. 

But he could build a steam punk scabbard for it.  Is a sword holder called a scabbard?  I don'no I never had a sword before.

You would be correct in calling it a scabbard.  If you were refering to a Japanese blade, such as a katana, it would be called a saya, which is just the Japanese term for a scabbard.  Any other blades and you're out of my field of knowledge.

Hey, thanks. 

And you gave a great description of steam punk, ""steampunk" is about mixing elegance with steam power".