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I return bearing... Answered

...a semi auto! Basically, its based off a mod i made of the semi auto oodalumps has.


I saw the title: I return bearing..... and was wondering if the finished sentence was going to be....."a child" LOL

And I thought it was a compass bearing:

I return bearing three-zero-five.

that isnt semi-auto because you pull bak the trigger and let it go and when you let it go it fires sorry dude.

umm.... smidge...... i don't know you.....well I don't know smidge either.....but I saw some rant about having better things top do from him


10 years ago

This is isn't even slightly semi-auto. It's basicly just pulling the pin back and letting it go. To be at least partly semi-auto, it would need to be something like Oodalumps or my semi-auto. They are pulled back, let the firing pin go, and grab a hold of it again. There are no perfect semi-auto's posted yet. The one with the most potential in my opinion is Mepain's 2nd semi-auto, the one with the hammer. The only draw back being the big trigger pull, but that's something all semi-auto's have except for Hack's ( which has an annoying recocking process, but works nonetheless ) I strayed a bit here, but my point is that this isn't semi-auto at all.