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I rly wanted a balance board... Answered


it rly makes ppl not wanna answr when u use bad grammer On another note the board looks, nice good job.

no wai, thnks rly.... i hate when individuals say me and my friend, I automatically correct them with My friend and I!

i hate when individuals say me and my friend, I automatically correct them with My friend and I!

Depends on usage ;) Both are correct at some point or another... To check, take the other part out ;)

For example:

Me and my friend went to the store. or My friend and me went to the store.
remove the other party
Me went to the store.

Obviously incorrect. (Correct being: I went to the store --> I and my friend....)


The invitation was for my friend and me.
removing other party
The invitation was for me.

Sounds correct. Now let's replace with my friend and I :

The invitation was for my friend and I.
remove other party
The invitation was for I.

Sounds terrible that way :P

Lastly, friend before self or self before friend.... That just depends on how nice and polite you want to be :P Ordered subjects don't care grammatically where they are placed :P

Just sharing a neat little trick I use when proof reading :) Of course, "I" is typically never used in formal writing and especially not technical writing :P

That's the same trick I use, EXCEPT in 3rd grade, we learned "My Friend's, family, and wonderful teacher Mrs. Lopez before me"

EXCEPT in 3rd grade, we learned "My Friend's, family, and wonderful teacher Mrs. Lopez before me"

That's just being polite :P Subjects don't care what order... cat? or dog first? Of course, Lemurs come before cats :P There's nothing wrong with putting things in a certain order -- but it's not a rule :P It's especially evident when you remove the human side of your subject :)

That is a rule...You always put "me" or "i" last. Its My friends and I went to the movies. Many people would say Me and my friends went to the movies..which is of course, wrong. But, the way youre saying it, "I and my friends went to the movies" would be correct.

That is a rule...You always put "me" or "i" last.


Incidentally, saying 'my friend and I' instead of 'I and my friend' is not better grammar, it's just being polite.

I also grabbed by Quick Access Book (For anyone that does ANY type of writing - be it creative, technical, etc. - this type of book is a must have). It calls the test I outlines above the "Troyka Test" - funny, as the author is Troyka :P There's another interesting rule used after a linking verb:

The contest winner was I.

Because I renames the subject (contest winner), the subjective personal pronoun is used instead of "me."


The prize was mine.

Because mine shows possession and the reference is possessive.

Again, if you're going to be doing any form of professional writing - you really need some form of reference book. This particular one covers everything from how to document research in several formats (including MLA, Chicago Manual and COS) to tips for multilingual writers :)

My english teacher who has a phd in english literature, says that "I and my friends went to the movies" is incorrect.

Mind you, English literature is very different from English mechanics ;) Not to take any respect from a pHd :)

But that's fine - I still can't find any official rule about proper pronoun ordering.

I did find another interesting discussion from that same google search:

I am more a technical person not an language person. I was just restating what my teacher said, though I think you may be right.

I just wrote my grade 10 history project, a letter from the front (WWI) I had to use all bad grammar and spelling if I wanted it to be correct with the respect to the conditions that Canadian soldiers would face in the trenches, low light, mud, bad materials. I hated using poor gramitical skillz, if you will. I also had to write it on a typewritter. :P


11 years ago

Looks nice.

Put it up as a video Instructable! Here are instructions for embedding video.

It sounds like you'll have a "how to use your homemade balance board" Instructable soon too.

He shouldn't put up an instructable for something that already has an instructable, he should comment with it on the original balance board.

This one is different- evy-wevy uses a skateboard deck, which is a significant modification of the other Instructable, and thus definitely deserves a stand-alone Instructable. He should put this one up and include a link back to the other one. Leaving a link to his new version in the comments of the original is also good form.

Use a skateboard deck instead of another piece of wood...yeah, how significant... This is why people are complaining about instructables being clogged up. This is the same as knex guns. One change doesn't constitute a new instructable. Keeping all the information about balance boards in one spot is what helps. Commenting that it would also work to use a skateboard deck, would be worth while.

We're working on some better sorting mechanisms to help make it easier to find similar/related projects- hopefully when that comes out you'll be able to use it to good advantage.

Having multiple Instructables on the same topic is frequently useful- everyone describes things differently, focuses on different aspects, and will document the project in a slightly different way. There is no single right way to do things, and the ability to check out several takes on the same topic can be extremely helpful, especially when you're about to try something new.

I think that my changes were significant enough to be able to post, but i am going to ask the original poster on what he/she thinks. Keep up the good work on the site, you are doing a fantastic job ! :D

Being the first to post something on Instructables doesn't necessarily give someone "control" over that idea. People have been building balance boards for years. What you should ask yourself before posting is this: "Can I do a great job and create an awesome Instructable?" If the answer is yes, then of course you should post it. Linking to the original project that inspired you is part of doing a great job.


Sure- it's a reuse project.


11 years ago

I am amused, however, that you put on gloves just for the steps that wouldn't benefit from wearing gloves.