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I saw some really cool animal trophies at www.cardboardsafari.com. Anybody knows how to make them at home.? Answered


 Did you ever find anything useful? I would love to find a pattern for those cardboard animal trophies. And then I could have a better idea of how to adapt it to various shapes

Naah I didnt, I did however manage to make a small reindeer using the published pics as an approximation... Getting clean cuts on the card board is also a major issue....

They are just a center spine with profile sheets slipped in.

the profile pics are what i want..where can i get them from? I wanna make them myself :|

Be an artist, take some measurements, or pay for the ones they are selling.  Not everything is free (even on the internet), some things you have to pay for with cash or time.

I figured that out...What I am looking for is the cross sectional shapes for those animals......if they arent precise..youll end up with some 3-d object which looks like a cross between the various animals :)