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I saw this yesterday and thought it was pretty COOL... Answered

I went out to the car yesterday at around mid-day and saw what I THOUGHT was the light of the sun refracting off the trunk lid of my car......I WAS WRONG.    

I looked up into the nearly cloudless (except in one area) sunny sky, and saw two large clouds "near" each other; with a HUGE bright rainbow in between them.

This is the first time I have EVER seen a rainbow in a sunny, rainless, snowless day.

Below is a Close up and a normal sized picture of the bow. 
 In the second picture, there is a speck up there,  that is a crow, IIRC.



I have seen a full circle rainbow a LONG time ago on a sunny day with a few fluff of high floating clouds, when I first saw it, I was like "wtf, you can't have a circle rainbow!"

Until now, it is true! :O

I saw an almost complete circle and had to ask some one to see if I was imagining it.

Lol, I did not had anyone around, by the time I find someone, it would be gone.. :)

Should have taken a picture. So should I for that matter.

I should of... Oh well, if I ever see it again, I'll shoot it

"Do you think the guy from the photography studio meant for us to take pictures of dogs when he said "shoot them"?"

emm, yes!
I got that from my dad when he used to work in a studio as a camera man :)

Why camera men and photograhpers often use the word 'shoot'?

it's because "shoot" is much nicer then.....oh wait,  I am off topic again.  :-)

Isn't this how the majority of threads go?

no just smiling at your comment ;-) 
Yeah, Kelsey mentions having seen one too.

These are interesting pictures!

It was one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile, for sure :-) 

That haze is probably high-altitude ice crystals.

I've seen similar, but not with such clear colours.


Yes, that is what I thought too..... I had lots of time to point it out to the wife, and neighbors (not all of which were so very impressed as I was, but what the hey, eh? :-) 
If I hadn't looked down at the trunk lid before opening it, I'd never have seen it :-) 

Cool, now I can truthfully say I've seen an upside rainbow (or high-altitude ice crystals)

To be honest,  because it was "directly overhead"   upside down just means I was facing towards it descent, rather then tuned to the opposite pole would would make it look mornal (almost).

Yeah, definately ice crystals, from cloud to cloud, and inverted because the sun was in front of me but still fairly high in the sky,  and not behind. 

I think that this is technically an ice halo, not a rainbow, if it's directly overhead...a rainbow has to have the sun behind you. There's nice photographic explanations of all sorts of atmospheric phenomena on that site.

Still quite cool, though. :D

Yeah, I didn't know any other way to describe it...but I say it was "rainless" and snowless :-) 

Still it wasn't something I'd ever seen before, so I was kind of excited :-) 

 I think the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow in NYC just got mugged...

This leprechaun would have to be flying though......

Yay!  Physics :-)

Physics or no, it was still very cool to me (both literally and figuratively).

Oh, yeah!  I've seen a similar effect on a flight to Europe, where it was almost a full circle.  It is really stunning.

Ooo, I bet it was.
I have seen tiny little ones, in circular fashion, behind a motor boat, but none so far away and so large.