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I see in new cars they have a very bright dome lights, Can I have those in my 95 volvo, is just change the light bulb? Answered

Car dome bright light.   I see in many new cars that they have a very bright light in the roof ( dome ) to have these in my car is just to buy a light bulb and change it or something else? I have a '95 Volvo 850 glt., it has four lamps in the roof ( each with one light bulb)



8 years ago

These would be the Xenon things?
I think you'd be best having a professional do this, they need to be correctly aligned and you won't have a beam tester.



8 years ago

.  Just replacing the old bulb with a new one* might help. Pull the bulb and if it has a "silver" coating on the inside of the glass, a replacement will definitely help.
.  Check a Volvo-specific web site*.
.  As a rule-of-thumb, the brighter the lamp, the hotter it runs. If you go to a brighter lamp, make sure the fixture can handle the extra heat.

*Not a recommendation, just the first example I found.