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I spend too much time on this forum. Answered

I spent a little too much time on this, "random fun" forum. What about you?



9 years ago

I spend too much time on this forum

Congratulations, you've diagnosed the problem, now to execute the cure.

-Switch of your computer, (Menu>Shut Down>Shut Down), switch off your monitor, throw your keyboard into the closet and walk away.
Go for a walk, go to the mall, go to parties, your computer has no future.

Your not everything Instructables is everything.

On the internet, my dog is a 26 year old lawyer named Mark. He has 7 matches in e-harmony.....

DAMN YOU ! i lol'ed in the middle of geography when i was supposed to be writing an essay, now everybody thinks i find river management hilarious. Hahaha :D

River management is hilarious! Have you ever tried to manage a river? It doesn't listen to instructions very well...

Maybe you can become a hydrological engineer when you grow up :-)

I might do that. lol

I agree with bumpus, lots of commenting to look good is not the way. Many of us regulars get a 'full house' quite often, most the time we have no idea till someone else points it out.

Aye, I've done it a few times, as has goodhart and bumpy, GM did it once on purpose but he had some master plan to it all... I think I've seen your avatar filling the pages once in a while too...


i like going into each category and seeing whats there, whilst i'm looking ill leave a comment if ts useful. If i do that for an hour i cover the whole list :P

True - I did it a couple of times, and other people had to point it out. More often, though, I find my contributions interspersed with one or two other regulars' comments.

I've never got a total full house, but I have gotten quite a lot filled. I remember how surprised I was when I noticed. Plus, he made it harder to find active and recent topics since he bumped old ones from months ago.

i hate bumped old topics.

Yeah, it just bothers me! There are all of these topics that have been completely discussed, then someone goes and bumps it to the top of the forums.

Well, it would seem any one to bare the names - Radio Radioactive Active DJ Coolz Coolio Soulja or Boy, will get tarred with the same brush.

I am Radioactv Biohazard. It also says it on both our profiles.

Three identities ....... DJ.......

I wanted to change my name, and I didn't know you could ask a admin for a name change.

I agree. Just... tossing that out there.

So you changed your name... Meaning you've been around here for a bit and still manage to do something spoony for the sake of it. To be honest pointless comments are a nuisance and you look to have picked up and bumped a lot of old topics, which is not exactly helpful.

I think you nailed it, kelsey!

You made it rather patently obvious, to be sure. I'm disappointed you weren't a tad more creative, really.

And don't think I don't know all your secret identies, DJ. Yes, I know about your many names. A monkey with a labotomy could see through them.

I doubt that it really is DJ. RB was DJ, then this would be an all out flame war battle ground by now.

I promise you not all of his alternates act like DJ. Some are quite nice, in fact. For example, examine the syntax and sentence structure, punctuation, etc, and you will find they are quite similar. The writing style comes through eventually.

I see... I guess the radioactive thing seems to be a theme also.