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I spilled coffee into my laptop. needs cleaned how can i take it completely apart and clean(HP pavilion)? Answered


The FIRST thing to do IMMEDIATELY is to remove the battery and any power sources and turn it OFF!   The combination of ELECTRICITY and MOISTURE can cause electrolysis of the circuit paths everywhere. so removing the power IMMEDIATELY stops the electrolysis damage.  Next, you will have to open up the unit and inspect.  Try to determine where the coffee or other liquids WENT.  If it jus went into the keyboard, you might not have to be as SEVERE with this next step..   The only way to get the FOREIGN liquids out
is to rinse it out with DISTILLED water.  Then set the computer in a WARM place with a fan blowiing on it.  Let it sit there for at least a day, maybe 2 or 3 just to be sure ALL the moisture has evaporated.   When distilled water evaporates, it leaves NO RESIDUE.  Put it back together and power up for the SMOKETEST.   

    Years ago, when i repaired equipment for cableTV technicians, those guys would spill SODA drinks on their test-tv-sets.... I repaired about five different TELEVISIONS using this method, and it worked PERFECTLY every time.  As long as the electronic unit WAS NOT TURNED ON while it was wet, this method works!  Televisions are MUCH MORE SENSITIVE to liquids
spilled than a computer is. Televisions have many delicately tuned circuits
in them AND they have high voltage circuits in them.  So.... as long as you have   removed power (and battery) immediately after the spill, and you didnt try to power it UP.... you have a good chance of a successful fix. !!  By the way.... if it was SODA that was spilled and it has DRIED on there, you might have to actually pour ANOTHER soda onto the area to get it to loosen up and drain out.... then follow up with the DISTILLED WATER flush and the 2/3 day drying out period.  By the way,... those technicians all thought they would be getting a nice NEW television.  They were very surprised when i handed them back their OLD tv working perfectly !!!   good luck.

If the HP software was on it, you have two choices: 1) if you liked the HP software, don't bother fixing the coffee lappy. Get yourself a new Mac. That's what HP tries to imitate. 2) if you didn't like the HP software, then carefully take apart your lappy and gently clean each part using distilled water. Let them dry for a few days and put it back together, wipe the hard drive, and start over without HP software.
P.S. It needs TO BE cleaned.

<a href="http://repair4laptop.org/disassembly_hewlett_packard.html">This site</a> should have all the info you need but you might need to collect it from several instruction sheets.<br />