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I started getting spammed after I joined Instructables... Answered

Hi there, Can anyone technical tell me whether instructables has given my email address to anyone? I have had my email address for 2 years and only started getting spam after I joined instructables. I know it might be a coincidence - I just wanted to ask. Thanks, Bonnie


If the mails are from this site, you may have your replies set to email you with a notice.

This is easily changeable in your profile settings. :)


9 years ago

I've also started getting spam to my email...first time in six years. The only new site I joined with that addy is this one :( What to do? I love it here!

Thanks everyone. I think we can safely say that Instructibles hasn't sold my email address. Someone has though. I wonder who. I'm on lots of sites. Another site I joined was Yahoo.com, but I doubt they would sell my address, it would be like youtube or google sharing information - not very likely (i hope). Thanks for your responses! x

its not youtube i assure you... it could be someone spamming your address for you (appsrently good revenge)

I haven't gotten spam since I got my Gmail account a few months ago. Well, Kiteman keeps spamming me, but we all love him, so he gets away with it.

Whoops--Did I say that out loud? Uh-oh...

No 'ibles spam for me. Do you use the email address elsewhere? Possibly it has been sold on. For instance, Make magazine recently put their subscribers' details up for sale to (paper) junk mailers.

Make magazine recently put their subscribers' details up for sale to (paper) junk mailers.

Wow....... 0_o

. I'm with the others - no SPAM from Instructables for me. And I would know if they did. I have my own mail server, so everyone I give an address to gets a unique one. Eg, for this site it's instructables@xxxxx.xxx. The only e-mail I have received at that address has been from Ibles.

I sincerely doubt it...

I have never been spammed by other companies through instructables. Like II.13 said, all the emails I get are from Instructables Robot telling me of a new comment.


10 years ago

Is the sender "Instructable's Robot" and how many spam emails have you had/who sent them?

-I haven't had any spam for two years since joining... =) (well, I had one Private Message, that's all)