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I think I accidentally flagged someone that I didn't want to...... Answered

It was in the forum:  https://www.instructables.com/community/What-Do-You-Like-To-Draw-1/

This post:  craftyv says:
                                                                                    Dec 25, 2010. 2:02 PM
I have been drawing (doodling) for years and have kept most of my pics. They tend to be small, 2" square or circle and were all black and white originally but lately they became coloured and often up to 10 on an A4 page. Geometric shapes, convoluted lines and even simple patterns are prominant.
I have decided to show them to our Instructables community somehow. Perhaps as an Instructable, something like. [How to fill hours of your time and enjoy every minute] I actually draw in meetings, watching tv, on the phone etc. What do you draw?

When I REALLY wanted to flad the group of links in the post above.....My apologies for the mistake.


I think a "unflag" button would be nice because I've done that before. I've never thought about posting a topic before though.

Well, Crafyv is such a nice person, I needed to make sure it was taken care of and not acted on, as I didn't want her upset unnecessarily.

Hi, Goodhart. I flagged the actual SPAM post; thanks! Send a PM to Randy and let him know to ignore your flag of Craftyv.

I went back and flagged the correct one also, thanks for the addy. I was looking for that .

Dear Goodhart: You'll laugh "I hope" but I had no idea I'd been flagged and I don't know what it means or how it appears on a comment. I'm glad I missed it because I would have been upset. I try to be courteous and supportive. Thanks .

Hey Craftyv,  no, you wouldn't have actually known it unless staff contacted you. 

I am sure they are competent enough to know it had to be a mistake since there was nothing "flag worthy" in your post.

And I had gone back and gotten the correct one (the one that was spam), that wasn't yours.