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I think someone has hidden a tracker on my bike to locate and steal it. Answered

I have a cargo bike that is pretty exspensive. I found a small item under my dogs seat . It was not like purposely concealed but I may not have found this thing for a while .  It looks like a  small kids flashlight . It had a blue rubber cover with a happy face on it .But it is not a flashlight . It is about 2 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide . When  you remove the cover there is a

- a meta-dv1 circuit board
- a small blue led which was wrapped in a cover that said 125 degrres c on it
- 2 lithum cr2016 batteries 

Please help me figure this out . I have a invisible chronic illness that caused my drivers license to be revoked. My bike is my life line to the world . I need to know if some organized group of theives is trying to track me. 

Many Many Thanks to anyone who can help    


Please, please publish a photograph . . I've looked up gps smiley face tracker, waterproof smiley tracker, rubber tracker smiley . . . etc. . . . this is mildly interesting . . .


6 months ago

Just take out the battery, but then they will know you discovered it... I would see a police detective and then place it on a local delivery truck...

Hit it with a hammer

If it is not yours then place it onto something else that moves- like a homing pidgeon ;)

Assume it is a tracker and fasten it to a long distance truck.

That way any thieves might think you have freighted the bike to another state. :)