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I think this is a resistor. Can anyone confirm? Answered

I have a car power splitter and USB adapter that isn't working.  One of the parts was cold soldered, and has come loose from the PCB.  It's large (almost an inch long), made of ceramic, and has printing on it that's hard to read, but I think I see the Ohm symbol on it.

Can anyone help me I.D. it?  I'm hoping to repurpose this as part of a radio build.


Your original size photo shows 3W and, I think, 8 ohm. It is a power resistor, as NM, JAL and FfFstated.


Yeah.  Once I knew I was looking for watts and ohms, that's what I found, too.

Thanks, everyone!

Yeah. That's a resistor alright, a "sandstone", high-ish power rating like NM suggests.  Probably something like 5-watt.  Pull it off the board, and put an ohmmeter on it, since we can't see the numbers on it.

Oh, and BTW, see if there's any writing on the board under it. Probably says "R1", or something helpful like that.

.  Kind of hard to tell from the pics, but, yes, that looks a lot like a "high-power" resistor.