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I use moleskines but the elastic always expands. Is there any way to tighten the elastic without ruining the cover.. Answered

 I use the moleskines to keep notes and my books last for years and years.  I find the elastic which keeps the book closed stretches over time and use.  I tie a knot in the elastic, but this is ungainly.  Is their any way to tighten or replace the elastic without destroying the cover and look of the notebook? 


cut some of it of and bring the two ends together

The elastic is very probably based on latex-rubber, as a natural product it's susceptible to natural decomposition.
If you got replacement elastic you could cut the existing piece down to short stubs (~a quarter-inch or 5mm) and sew the new elastic to them.



Thanks.  I think I prefer your solution to Koosie's (thanks).  Will try it ASAP.

Elastic is cheap stuff, which is why it's stretched (or rather the strands have broken inside). Do a tidy job and it'll make a great Instructable..?



8 years ago

Try replacing the elastic with velcro.  Glue the rough, hook part on the bottom half on the back and the soft, felt piece so that it can go around and grip on the rough part.

Hope this helps.