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I use my laptop as my media device for my room and was wondering how to be able to play music while in standby mode...? Answered

 I use my Laptop as my media device as it has an High Def LED screen and very useful with Pandora and Hulu built in to its media player i was how to use my laptop to play music while it stays in standby mode (lid closed) so i don't unnecessarily waste power to have the screen stay lit while i'm asleep.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Simple: it can't be done, at least not in standby mode.  When the computer goes in standby, it suspends everything in RAM and shuts off all hardware, except for a small amount of current to keep the contents of RAM as well as the CPU, keyboard, and mouse so you can give it input to wake up.

However, you can easily change your power profile to turn the screen completely off after however many minutes of idle time you prefer, and this actually turns off the monitor as opposed to just displaying a black screen with the backlighting still on.

If you need help doing this, let me know what OS you're using (XP, Vista/7, &c.)


8 years ago

In true standby mode you can't use it to play music.

But you can set how long the screen stays on without any mouse or keyboard activity.  Set it to 10 mins. and start your music.  After 10 mins of no activity from you the screen will go blank but should keep playing the music, atleast mine does. 

I you're using XP right click on the desk top to get properties, click on the screen saver tab then the power button (bottom right) Then the power schemes tab and pick a time under "turn off monitor".  That should do it.


Answer 8 years ago

That's the right answer. You may be able to set it to go into low-power/slow mode and still have plenty of cycles for playing music... but standby shuts the processor down to almost nothing, and it really can't do _anything_ while in that mode.

(I've got a laptop that lives in my media system, so I set it not to go into standby when the lid is closed. If I ever want to actually use it as a portable machine, I'll reset that.)