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Alcohol stove flames are 2 feet tall any ideas? Answered

I built a pressurized jet alcohol stove and when I light it with no pot stand or windscreen, the jet flames are 2" tall. I add a windscreen and pot and soon I have a 2 foot tall blaze.  I tried taking off the wind screen and I still get tall flames. I am using red HEET, but I am not sure that the fuel makes a big difference. I hypothesize that the reflective heat from the windscreen and pot are making the stove heat up and vaporize the alcohol faster. I tried putting holes in the wind screen and I still get big flames! I want a safe backpacking stove and I'm sure others have had this problem-- any thoughts on why it is so dangerous?


draft holes to big...

First and foremost it looks like your jets are too big! i would build a new one and make the jets as SMALL as possible, a thumbtack size works well.
Secondly this sometimes happens with a over full stove, try putting a little less fuel in it

Hope that helps
If no one else comes up with somthing go to zen stoves those guys know lots!