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I used a torch to melt some rich gold ore and it made little gold bbs about 1 grain why did this happen? Answered

I have a rather large amount of this materal with visable gold content i estimate this materal is 40% gold bearing appears to be a flour gold formation. i took a blow torch to the materal and it created a swarm of bbs 24kt and 18kt gold at least half of the stone i melted was gold. Now i attempted the same process over and over and no results were the same the stones are all from the same pocket vein. If some 1 can tell me how to repeat the function with the torch method or another as effective id be happy to send a sample of the materal




6 years ago

First heating you easily melted feather filaments of gold that coalesced
into the BBs and falling away as you mentioned.
Subsequent heating was trying to melt more mass of gold. It takes a lot
more concentration of heat then a blow torch to melt a larger mass of metal.
And no more filaments are available.


Gold will not oxidise but other metals will - I guess your ore isn't as pure as you think.

Get it assayed.

Oh yeah?